DAIAHTSU 6DK-20 CAMSHAFT ASSY.5D-1,CAMSHAFT ASSY.5D-3,CAMSHAFT ASSY.5D-8|DAIAHTSU 6DK-20 Spare parts after-sales service

Diesel Engine Brands Model Parts Name Part No.
DAIHATSU 5DK20 F.O.CAM-2 (9O.1) E201250080
DAIHATSU 5DK20 F.O.CAM-2 (9O.2) E201250310
DAIHATSU 5DK20 F.O.CAM-2 (9O.3) E201250320
DAIHATSU 5DK20 KEY E201250330

DAIAHTSU 6DK-20 Bolt,Timor-Leste,Gasket,DAIAHTSU 6DK-20 Mauritania,DAIAHTSU 6DK-20 Handle
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