Deutz 1013 Fuel Injector

Deutz 1013 Fuel Injector
Model NO.: 1013
Body Material: Alloy
Stroke: 4 Stroke
Application: Deutz
Transport Package: Neutral Carton Box
Fuel: Diesel
Component: Fuel Injection Device
Cylinder: Multi-cylinder
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The pressure between the contacts, closed a long time, the opening time is short, the electric meter coil through the current average value, the bending degree ,Deutz 1013 Fuel Injector the bimetal sheet is heated, drives the pointer deflection angle is big, high readings.Two. Test ,Deutz 1013 Fuel Injector electrothermal oil pressure meter The initial inspection depends on the zero condition ,Deutz 1013 Fuel Injector the oil pressure gauge, that is, when the engine has no oil pressure in the state ,Deutz 1013 Fuel Injector rest, the oil pressure gauge should be zero. Because the oil pump is a mechanical pump,

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