Deutz Bf4m2012 Cylinder Block, OE No.: 04282837

Deutz Bf4m2012 Cylinder Block
Model NO.: BF4M2012
Certification: ISO
Description: Deutz Bf4m2012 Cylinder Block
Specification: Standard
Cylinder Number: 4
Material: Metal
OE No.: 04282837
Transport Package: Neutral Packing
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After surfacing, or after dismantling, it is sprayed. The failure is selected by spray plating and spraying. After two times ,Deutz Bf4m2012 Cylinder Block processing, the requirement for accuracy and coaxality tolerance is very strict in the process ,Deutz Bf4m2012 Cylinder Block grinding. After the spindle is repaired, it can be installed and resumed. The maintenance process ,Deutz Bf4m2012 Cylinder Block the scheme is complicated and the time limit is long, but the geometric precision ,Deutz Bf4m2012 Cylinder Block the spindle can be guaranteed after recovery. The main shaft ,Deutz Bf4m2012 Cylinder Block this grinding wheel frame is different from the MQ1350 type common external grinding machine.

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