DEUTZ F4L912 Muffler

Model NO.: DEUTZ F4L912
Component: Muffler
Model: F4l912
Place of Origin: China
Transport Package: neutral packing
Body Material: Steel
Engine Type: Deutz
Part No.: 02103630
Specification: high quality
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After checking ,DEUTZ F4L912 Muffler pressure and leakage for ,DEUTZ F4L912 Muffler above inspection and inspection, all of ,DEUTZ F4L912 Muffler m failed to find out ,DEUTZ F4L912 Muffler malfunction that caused ,DEUTZ F4L912 Muffler oil pressure to be too low. Generally, don’t rush to disassemble or replace ,DEUTZ F4L912 Muffler parts concerned at will. According to experience, ,DEUTZ F4L912 Muffler compressed air can be connected to ,DEUTZ F4L912 Muffler main oil way (a joint corresponding to ,DEUTZ F4L912 Muffler size of ,DEUTZ F4L912 Muffler main oil way thread and a high-pressure rubber hose connected to ,DEUTZ F4L912 Muffler gas source) is modified, and ,DEUTZ F4L912 Muffler air pressure is 0.4 ~ 0.5Mpa. Directly observe or touch ,DEUTZ F4L912 Muffler degree of compressed air leakage at ,DEUTZ F4L912 Muffler gap between main bearing and connecting rod bearing, and observe and analyze ,DEUTZ F4L912 Muffler following common abnormal situations of compressed air leakage.(1) in ,DEUTZ F4L912 Muffler same bearing, ,DEUTZ F4L912 Muffler amount of compressed air leaked in a bearing is larger and more urgent, generally ,DEUTZ F4L912 Muffler bearing has a barren alloy loss or too large bearing wear.(2) ,DEUTZ F4L912 Muffler re is a clear air leakage at ,DEUTZ F4L912 Muffler shaft and bushing of ,DEUTZ F4L912 Muffler oil pump, and it can be judged that ,DEUTZ F4L912 Muffler internal wear of ,DEUTZ F4L912 Muffler oil pump is too large.(3) ,DEUTZ F4L912 Muffler cylinder side mounted on ,DEUTZ F4L912 Muffler rotor filter oil return hole was air leakage, indicating ,DEUTZ F4L912 Muffler rotor shaft wear is too large;

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