distribution WESTFALIA OSB 35-01-066 UPPER SECTION OF FRAME|WESTFALIA OSB 35-01-066 Spare parts OEM plant

WESTFALIA OSB 35-01-066 BALL-TYPE VALVE 1/2 IN 0018-1712-630
WESTFALIA OSB 35-01-066 DOUBLE NIPPLE DIN 2950-3/4IN*1/2IN N8 0018-0934-260
WESTFALIA OSB 35-01-066 STRAINER R3/4IN 1 NI 0018-2523-600
WESTFALIA OSB 35-01-066 STRAINER INSERT 0018-2523-300
WESTFALIA OSB 35-01-066 BAFFLE 2179-1795-000
WESTFALIA OSB 35-01-066 GASKET 568/6 0007-3032-750
WESTFALIA OSB 35-01-066 GASKET 640/4 0007-2548-750
WESTFALIA OSB 35-01-066 LOW-PRESSURE HOSE 10*500 0018-1440-000
WESTFALIA OSB 35-01-066 PRESSURE SWITCH 0005-1038-000
WESTFALIA OSB 35-01-066 CHEESE HEAD SCREW DIN84-M5*12 0019-2233-400
WESTFALIA OSB 35-01-066 TERMINAL BOX 106 1003-6 0005-0750-280
WESTFALIA OSB 35-01-066 CHEESE HEAD SCREW DIN84-M4*16 0019-2376-030

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