MAN B&W ALPHA 9L27/38 PUMP UNIT,part no.3-5014–09|MAN B&W ALPHA 9L27/38 General agent of spare parts

brand type part name part no.
MAN B&W ALPHA 27/38 TEMPERATURE SENSOR, TP31, L=56, PT100 3 8416–02.1
MAN B&W ALPHA 27/38 GASKET 3 8416–02.2
MAN B&W ALPHA 27/38 TEMP. TRANSMITTER PT100 – 0–120 C 3 8416–02.5
MAN B&W ALPHA 27/38 SPADE CABLE LUG 1,5 6,3 INSULATED 3 8416–02.6

MAN B&W ALPHA 9L27/38 Torque wrench to nanoscale,Croatia,Nepal,MAN B&W ALPHA 9L27/38 Guide rod,MAN B&W ALPHA 9L27/38 Roller
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