Niigata 6L25bx Piston Ring

Niigata 6L25bx Piston Ring
Model NO.: 6L25BX
Standard Component: Standard Component
Material: Iron
Usage: Diesel Engine
Transport Package: Standard Package
Origin: China
Certification: ISO9001
Technics: Forging
Type: Piston
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4.1 phenomenon When there is water in ,Niigata 6L25bx Piston Ring, and when the motor is running normally, ,Niigata 6L25bx Piston Ring is blocked by the palm of ,Niigata 6L25bx Piston Ring, and it feels no suction. 4.2 ,Niigata 6L25bx Piston Ring and methods of troubleshooting (1) damage to the impeller or water seal. A new impeller or water seal should be replaced.(2) the top of the impeller is not tightened. It should be tightened.(3) ,Niigata 6L25bx Piston Ring body is seriously corroded, resulting in the damage of the partition board. ,Niigata 6L25bx Piston Ring body should be replaced.(4) motor reversal. The main is to replace the capacitor when the coil head is wrong, adjust it.(5) ,Niigata 6L25bx Piston Ring body outlet is loaded. Under normal circumstances, the outlet should be on the upper end of the outlet. If the installation is wrong, the outlet will be installed on the upper end of the suction chamber, so that the water chamber will be built up and the water will not go out. The outlet should be adjusted correctly.5 pump body backwater5.1 phenomenon

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