Nligata l25bx Main Bearing, Conrod Bearing

Nligata l25bx Main Bearing, Conrod Bearing
Model NO.: 6L250bx
Standard Component: Standard Component
Material: Iron
Usage: Diesel Engine
Transport Package: Standard Package
Certification: ISO9001
Technics: Forging
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When the Nligata l25bx Main Bearing and the motor shell are touched, the charge is charged.9.2 causes and methods of troubleshooting(1) the water seal is worn seriously, and the water is penetrated into the motor through the motor shaft, so that the insulation performance of the motor is deteriorated. Replace the water seal and dry the motor stator coil.(2) the motor is wetted by water, and the water passes through the capacNligata l25bx Main Bearingor and the power line to enter the motor. The stator coils of the motor are dried.10 concluding remarksI have been engaged in the work of agricultural mechanization at the grass-roots level for 35 years. In the direction of entering the household, we found that the self – sucking Nligata l25bx Main Bearings in the farmers’ homes are visible everywhere. Nligata l25bx Main Bearing is understood that they are sold as waste products, of which 80% of them are simply maintained, and they can not be used normally if they can not spend much money, so Nligata l25bx Main Bearing is a pNligata l25bx Main Bearingy to abandon them in vain. The above is the experience of the author for many years, and I hope to help the users and the maintenance staff.

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