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brand type part name part no.
MAN B&W ALPHA 27/38 OIL MIST UNIT 1 8426–01.3
MAN B&W ALPHA 27/38 SIPHON ASSEMBLY, VN115–116/87 1 8426–01.4
MAN B&W ALPHA 27/38 SUCTION FORMER, D10X86.5LG 1 8426–01.6
MAN B&W ALPHA 27/38 CONNECTION PIPE D22 1 8426–01.7
MAN B&W ALPHA 27/38 HOSE, NW20 1 8426–01.8
MAN B&W ALPHA 27/38 CONNECTION PIPE D22 1 8426–01.9
MAN B&W ALPHA 27/38 SIPHON ASSEMBLY, VN115–116/87 1 8426–01.14
MAN B&W ALPHA 27/38 HOUSING 1 8426–01.30
MAN B&W ALPHA 27/38 HEXAGON SCREWS 1 8426–01.31
MAN B&W ALPHA 27/38 HEXAGON SCREW 1 8426–01.33
MAN B&W ALPHA 27/38 SPRING WASHER 1 8426–01.34

France,Mauritius,Middle flange,L shaped threaded connection,Tuvalu
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