Sulzer al 25/30 Main Bearing, Conrod Bearing, Thrust Bearing

Sulzer al 25/30 Main Bearing, Conrod Bearing, Thrust Bearing
Model NO.: ATL25V30,AL 25/30
Standard Component: Standard Component
Material: Iron
Usage: Diesel Engine
Transport Package: Standard Package
Certification: ISO9001
Technics: Forging
Seal,Sulzer al 25/30 mechanical seal,Sulzer al 25/30 upper cover,Sulzer al 25/30 nuto ring,Sulzer al 25/30 gasket,Sulzer al 25/30 adjustment gasket,Sulzer al 25/30 oil sump,Sulzer al 25/30
Most ,Sulzer al 25/30 Main Bearing the rear dynamic output shaft spline specifications ,Sulzer al 25/30 Main Bearing agricultural wheeled tractors in China are fixed, that is, the single spline specification output. When the power output shaft ,Sulzer al 25/30 Main Bearing a tractor is connected to different farm implements, the corresponding connection mode ,Sulzer al 25/30 Main Bearing different specifications is needed. However, since the tractor is a traditional structural form, after replacing the power output shaft, the power output assembly needs to be disassembled. The replacement is very inconvenient and the replacement cost is relatively high.Therefore, there are some products in this structure using flange plate as connection mode, but can not guarantee the requirement ,Sulzer al 25/30 Main Bearing coaxiality, the transmission torque is insufficient, and the volume is large.

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