Metal Cylinder Head Gasket for Deutz Bfm1015, Certification: ISO

Metal Cylinder Head Gasket for Deutz Bfm1015
Model NO.: BFM1015
Material: Metal
OE: 04264006
Cylinder Number: 6
Certification: ISO
Description: Mls Cylinder Head Gasket for Deutz Bfm1015
Color: Silver
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The diesel engine burning 1L fuel, air filter to air inhaled 9000 L: the nature ,Deutz Bfm1015 Cylinder Head Gasket the air containing a large number ,Deutz Bfm1015 Cylinder Head Gasket abrasive particles, especially the tractor operation site is dusty, if there is no air filter, abrasive particles will directly into the cylinder, causing the cylinder wear or fault cylinder. Oil filter, diesel filter function is to remove oil and fuel oil in the abrasive particle air filter, fuel filter, oil filter technical status is not good, will make the impurities into the relevant parts caused by mechanical wear, reduce the service life ,Deutz Bfm1015 Cylinder Head Gasket diesel engine.

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deutz 1015 Flywheel

Model NO.: 1015
Engine: 1015
Samples: Accept
Specification: Standard
Engine Type: Diesel, Deutz Diesel Engine
Type: Flywheel
Transport Package: Neutral
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deutz 1015 Flywheelre is air leakage on ,deutz 1015 Flywheel inside of ,deutz 1015 Flywheel cylinder body of ,deutz 1015 Flywheel oil filter, which is usually broken or reversed in ,deutz 1015 Flywheel middle of ,deutz 1015 Flywheel washer of ,deutz 1015 Flywheel oil coarse filter assembly.(5) ,deutz 1015 Flywheelre is an obvious air leakage at ,deutz 1015 Flywheel timing gear room, and it is generally judged that ,deutz 1015 Flywheel idler gear is in coordination with ,deutz 1015 Flywheel shaft.(6) if ,deutz 1015 Flywheelre is compressed air leakage on ,deutz 1015 Flywheel side main oil way or o,deutz 1015 Flywheelr oil way inside ,deutz 1015 Flywheel cylinder, it can be judged that ,deutz 1015 Flywheelre are foundry sand holes or cracks on ,deutz 1015 Flywheel oil way, especially for new cylinder blocks.

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