Adapter Nipple for Deutz Fl413

Model NO.: FL413
Body Material: Alloy
Cylinder: Multi-cylinder
Part No.: 02414768
Transport Package: Neutral Packing
Fuel: Diesel
Stroke: 4 Stroke
Description: Adapter Nipple for Deutz Fl413
Specification: Standard
Deutz Fl413 start valve,Deutz Fl413 main starting valve,Deutz Fl413 detonation pressure table,Deutz Fl413 cylinder cover,Deutz Fl413 cylinder head cover shell,Deutz Fl413 air inlet spring,Deutz Fl413 vent spring spring,Deutz Fl413 gland,Deutz Fl413 half block,Deutz Fl413 the locking clip,Deutz Fl413
Deutz Fl413 Adapter Nipple the oil pressure sensor and the oil pressure gauge to turn on the power supply (at this time, do not start the diesel engine), ,Deutz Fl413 Adapter Nipple whether the pointer of the oil pressure gauge moves and accurately return to the “0” position. If the pointer of the oil pressure meter does not move or ,Deutz Fl413 Adapter Nipple not return to “0”, it is misaligned for the oil pressure gauge, or the oil pressure sensor failure, or the circuit failure. ,Deutz Fl413 Adapter Nipple be connected with a self-made direct pressure oil pressure gauge on the main oil channel (0.1 ~ 1.0MPa barometer, restructuring) diesel engine starting, if the direct pressure on the oil pressure is normal, the fault is still in the relevant instruments and circuits, direct pressure low pressure gauge on the diesel engine is sound ,Deutz Fl413 Adapter Nipple be first on the oil passage of the diesel engine oil pressure crude oil filter on the valve and pressure regulating valve debugging, debugging effects were ,Deutz Fl413 Adapter Nipple d.Two. Internal inspection.remove the oil pan check when the appearance inspection, debugging is invalid, should be put in the net oil, remove the oil pan, and check the oil pan: whether Babbitt alloy cast, especially the massive shedding and other abnormal situations; the filter oil strainer is blocked; oil suction machine the tubing welding parts and oil outlet pipe is blocked, the end of the sealing pad is strong; sturdy sealing oil pump cover is effective; gear oil pump shaft and bushing wear is abnormal.

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