Water Pump for Deutz Tcd2013, OE No.: 0490 1740

Water Pump for Deutz Tcd2013
Model NO.: TCD2013-4V
Body Material: Alloy
Certification: ISO9001
Model: Deutz Tcd2013-4V
Material: Aluminum
Specification: Standard
Component: Water Pump
Cold Style: Water-cooled
Description: Water Pump for Deutz Tcd2013-4V
OE No.: 0490 1740
Weight: 4.2 Kg
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This can not only guarantee the seal but also avoid a large number ,Water Pump for Deutz Tcd2013 maintenance work, and can save a lot ,Water Pump for Deutz Tcd2013 cost. However, this scheme also has shortcomings. Once the spindle is grinded again, because the space is too small, the gasket can not increase the thickness unrestricted, and the scheme loses its significance.Programme two:The main shaft ,Water Pump for Deutz Tcd2013 the wheel is unloaded and the deep trench lapping by the spindle is surfacing.

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