Cylinder Head for Deutz Tcd2013 L064V

Cylinder Head for Deutz Tcd2013 L064V
Model NO.: TCD2013
Description: Cylinder Head for Deutz Tcd2013L064V
OE: 04905941
Cylinder Number: 6
Transport Package: Neutral
Material: Metal
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The round holes ,Cylinder Head for Deutz Tcd2013 L064V the bearings and bushes should be correct when they are installed. Each ,Cylinder Head for Deutz Tcd2013 L064V the main bearing oil groove drill oil hole, respectively, and the cylinder body, the shaft neck oil hole communicated, when installed, as long as the main bearing flange notch on the quasi steady pin, can prevent the main bearing rotation, ensuring the oil hole alignment, make lubrication smoothly, avoid damage. The connecting rod small drill has oil collecting holes and the oil hole ,Cylinder Head for Deutz Tcd2013 L064V connecting rod bushing. When the copper sleeve is sleeved to the connecting rod small head, if two oil holes are not aligned, the copper sleeve and piston pin must be “Dangdang” percussion or even kill.

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