Deutz Bf6m1013 Belt Tensioner, OE No.: 04256159

Deutz Bf6m1013 Belt Tensioner
Model NO.: Deutz BF6M1013
OE No.: 04256159
Weight: 2 Kg
Specification: Standard
Description: Deutz Bf6m1013 Belt Tensioner 04256159
Model: Deutz Bf6m1013
Transport Package: Neutral
Deutz Bf6m1013 nozzle ring,Deutz Bf6m1013 rotor,Deutz Bf6m1013 bearings,Deutz Bf6m1013 exhaust casing,Deutz Bf6m1013 piston ring,Deutz Bf6m1013 governor,Deutz Bf6m1013 nozzle,Deutz Bf6m1013 fuel injector,Deutz Bf6m1013 high pressure pump,Deutz Bf6m1013 fuel pump,Deutz Bf6m1013 oil pump
The “two leakage” refers to the leakage ,Deutz Bf6m1013 Belt Tensioner water, oil and gas. The main cylinder is Water Leakage neckring improper installation, can ,Deutz Bf6m1013 Belt Tensioner play the role ,Deutz Bf6m1013 Belt Tensioner sealing the cooling water jacket, resulting in Water Leakage; or cylinder head bolts are loose, the cylinder gas and burn out Water Leakage; may also be caused by unqualified radiator material Water Leakage; may also be the seal seat assembly is ,Deutz Bf6m1013 Belt Tensioner installed in place Water Leakage pump caused by leakage mainly: there is heat leakage, valve leakage, cylinder piston ring leakage and fuel injector hole leakage,

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