Deutz Fuel Supply Pump for 1011 Series

Deutz 1011 Fuel Supply Pump
Body Material: Iron
Certification: ISO9001
Cylinder: Multi-cylinder
Description: Deutz Fuel Supply Pump for 1011 Series
OE No.: 04272819
Specification: Standard
Fuel: Diesel
Component: Fuel Injection Device
Stroke: 4 Stroke
Application: Deutz
Model: Deutz 1011
Weight: 0.31 Kg
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220V single-phase, three-phase 380V, FireWire controller and the zero line is ,Deutz 2011 Fuel Supply Pump reversed; can ,Deutz 2011 Fuel Supply Pump be implemented in the transmission line, to prevent electric shock! In order to ensure the normal operation of the control device and the personal safety of staff, please must be connected to ground! Controller itself is ,Deutz 2011 Fuel Supply Pump proof, so should avoid oil and gas the flammable and explosive environment

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