MAN B&W ALPHA 6L27/38 SPECIAL TOOLS,part no.1-9012–08|MAN B&W ALPHA 6L27/38 Distribution of spare parts at the first level

brand type part name part no.
MAN B&W ALPHA 27/38 FIXATION TOOL 1 9012–14.3
MAN B&W ALPHA 27/38 SUPPORT 1 9012–14.5
MAN B&W ALPHA 27/38 HEXAGON SCREW 1 9012–14.6
MAN B&W ALPHA 27/38 BRACKET 1 9012–14.A1
MAN B&W ALPHA 27/38 HEXAGON SCREW 1 9012–14.A2
MAN B&W ALPHA 27/38 HEXAGON SCREW 1 9012–14.A3
MAN B&W ALPHA 27/38 HEXAGON SCREW 1 9012–14.A4
MAN B&W ALPHA 27/38 GUIDING RAIL 1 9012–14.A6
MAN B&W ALPHA 27/38 SLIDING PIECE 1 9012–14.A8
MAN B&W ALPHA 27/38 EYE BOLT, M12 1 9012–14.A10
MAN B&W ALPHA 27/38 PROTECTION CAP 1 9012–14.A12
MAN B&W ALPHA 27/38 HEXAGON SCREW 1 9012–14.B1
MAN B&W ALPHA 27/38 HEXAGON SCREW 1 9012–14.B2
MAN B&W ALPHA 27/38 HOLDING PIPE 1 9012–14.B3
MAN B&W ALPHA 27/38 SUPPORT 1 9012–14.B4
MAN B&W ALPHA 27/38 SPLIT PIN 1 9012–14.B8
MAN B&W ALPHA 27/38 SUPPORT BOW 1 9012–14.D1
MAN B&W ALPHA 27/38 HEXAGON SCREW 1 9012–14.D3

MAN B&W ALPHA 6L27/38 Fastener,Clamping screw,Valve regulator,MAN B&W ALPHA 6L27/38 Azores,MAN B&W ALPHA 6L27/38 Piston pin
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