Sulzer Al20/24 Piston Ring

Sulzer Al20/24 Piston Ring
odel NO.: AL20/24
Standard Component: Standard Component
Material: Iron
Usage: Diesel Engine
Transport Package: Standard Package
Certification: ISO9001
Technics: Forging
Type: Piston
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The time of water diversion is longer and the water in the pump is not stored in the shutdown.5.2 causes and methods of troubleshooting The Sulzer Al20/24 Piston Ring at the inlet is masked or damaged by the spring of the valve body. The mask should be removed or the reverse Sulzer Al20/24 Piston Ring should be replaced.6 operation noise is too large6.1 phenomenon The pump works well, but the noise is too large and the temperature of the Sulzer Al20/24 Piston Ring is too high.6.2 causes and methods of troubleshooting (1) the motor bearing is short of oil. Should be filled with high temperature grease keng.(2) the impeller and the inside of the pump body have no gap or gap into the hard material (such as steel wire, etc.). The clearance should be adjusted or the plug should be removed.(3) the deformation of the impeller causes the friction on one side. A new impeller should be replaced.7 less suction of the new pump body 7.1 phenomenon

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