Caterpillar 816f Earthmoving Compactor Temperature Sensor

Caterpillar 816f Earthmoving Compactor Temperature Sensor
Model NO.: 816F
Material: Mixture
OE: 3e5370
Transport Package: Neutral
Description: Caterpillar 816f Earthmoving Compactor Temperature
Specification: Standard
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2.1 phenomenon In the case ,Caterpillar 816f Temperature Sensor normal power supply, the motor can not start or start difficult.2.2 causes and methods ,Caterpillar 816f Temperature Sensor troubleshooting(1) the motor leads or the stator coils are burnt out. ‘use the multimeter to check out the problem, replace the motor lead or rewind the stator coil.(2) starting capacitor burnout (Ji Chuan). Check with a multimeter, and if it is, replace the capacitance that matches it.(3) the impeller is clogged with sundries. There are two reasons for the jam, one is to suck in the sundries, the other is the impeller, and the teeth are stuck. The removal method is to remove the debris from the impeller or to replace the new impeller.

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