Caterpillar Excavator Cylinder Gasket of 345c C13

Caterpillar Excavator Cylinder Gasket of 345c C13
Model NO.: 221-9392
Pressure: Medium Pressure Mechanical Seals
Standard: Standard
Trademark: Caterpillar
Structure: Double-End
Speed: General Speed Mechanical Seal
Performance: Wear
Transport Package: Netural Packing &Te Packing
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When ,Caterpillar Excavator Cylinder Gasket of 345c C13 is water in the pump, and when the motor is running normally, the pump is blocked with the palm of the pump, and the suction is insufficient.3.2 causes and methods of troubleshooting(1) wear of impeller or water seal. A new impeller or water seal should be replaced.(2) the water intake of the pump, the outlet of the water pump, and the seal of the side cover are not strict. The rubber pads should be tightened or replaced.(3) the ,Caterpillar Excavator Cylinder Gasket of 345c C13 is slightly corroded and leaking. Fill the air leak with 302 glue.(4) the winter cold is improper, the pump diaphragm is cracking. Use 302 glue to repair or replace the new ,Caterpillar Excavator Cylinder Gasket of 345c C13.(5) the impeller is not mounted. The impeller should be adjusted to the wall of the pump as if it is not attached to the wall.(6) the intake hole of the pump is blocked by the sundries. The upper cover of the ,Caterpillar Excavator Cylinder Gasket of 345c C13 should be removed to remove the sundries.(7) the axial movement of the rotor of the motor. Both ends of the rotor bearing will be removed, cut several pits with a sharp mouth in the rotor bearing, the bearing load or replacement bearings.(8) the screw components of the screw type self-priming pump are worn out. The new screw assembly should be replaced.

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caterpillar 320b-s6k-Cylinder Block

caterpillar 320b-s6k-Cylinder Block
Model NO.: 125-2964 (CAT320B/S6K )
Bucket Capacity: >1.5m³
Condition: New
Delivery Time: 3-5 Working Days
Type: Wheel Excavator
Bucket: Grab Shovel
Drive Type: Electric Drive
Size: Medium-Sized
Material: Cast Iron
Transport Package: Nature Packing with Wooden Box
HS Code: 8409919990
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(4) the ,caterpillar 320b-s6k-Cylinder Block bearings were burned to death. If the impeller and water seal are removed, the ,caterpillar 320b-s6k-Cylinder Block rotor can not be moved by hand, that is, the bearing is burned to death. New bearings should be replaced.(5) the wear of ,caterpillar 320b-s6k-Cylinder Block bearings is serious (loosening). When electrified, the rotor of the ,caterpillar 320b-s6k-Cylinder Block is absorbed by the magnetic force on the core of the stator coil, and the rotor can not be rotated. The bearing should be replaced.(6) ,caterpillar 320b-s6k-Cylinder Block bearing wear loose ,caterpillar 320b-s6k-Cylinder Block around the rotor sucked symptoms. The cushion should be added at the bearing ,caterpillar 320b-s6k-Cylinder Block (such as the skin of the can, etc.). It is necessary to use electric welding to fill the shaft when necessary, and then to the standard of the car.(7) the loosening (displacement) of the stator coil of the ,caterpillar 320b-s6k-Cylinder Block should be reduced and strengthened.(8) the mechanical water seal is dead, which causes the ,caterpillar 320b-s6k-Cylinder Block to be unable to start. A new water seal should be replaced.(9) the connecting bolt between the pump body and the ,caterpillar 320b-s6k-Cylinder Block is loose, causing the edge of the impeller. The pump body should be adjusted to tighten the bolt.(10) the pump body side because frozen bulge outwards caused by increased water absorption cavity. The side cover should be replaced.

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Caterpillar 816f Earthmoving Compactor Temperature Sensor

Caterpillar 816f Earthmoving Compactor Temperature Sensor
Model NO.: 816F
Material: Mixture
OE: 3e5370
Transport Package: Neutral
Description: Caterpillar 816f Earthmoving Compactor Temperature
Specification: Standard
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2.1 phenomenon In the case ,Caterpillar 816f Temperature Sensor normal power supply, the motor can not start or start difficult.2.2 causes and methods ,Caterpillar 816f Temperature Sensor troubleshooting(1) the motor leads or the stator coils are burnt out. ‘use the multimeter to check out the problem, replace the motor lead or rewind the stator coil.(2) starting capacitor burnout (Ji Chuan). Check with a multimeter, and if it is, replace the capacitance that matches it.(3) the impeller is clogged with sundries. There are two reasons for the jam, one is to suck in the sundries, the other is the impeller, and the teeth are stuck. The removal method is to remove the debris from the impeller or to replace the new impeller.

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