Ruston Rk270 Mk1 Piston

Model NO.: RK270
Engine Type: Diesel
Transport Package: Standard Package
Certification: ISO 9001
Application: Excavator
Material: Cast Iron
HS Code: 2801100000
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The device comprises a connecting shaft, hollow shaft and the axial location of the user according to the different farm tractor cover connection needs, does not need to open the final drive assembly to replace the power output shaft, only need to remove the cover out of the coupling shaft arranged on the gland can be replaced. This method is simple and quick, and easy to operate in the field, thus improving the efficiency of the tractor in the field.The device is realized through the following technical scheme: the rear power output shaft replacement device of a large power tractor is shown as shown in figure, which includes coupling shaft 1, fastening component 2, 3, gland 4, and hollow shaft 5. The connecting shaft and the hollow shaft 1 is 5 in the radial direction by rectangle spline f,Ruston Rk270 Mk1 Piston, the path centering, the hollow shaft 5 inner spline can be machined by wire cutting, mass production can be adopted after molding broach processing, heat treatment and grinding path connecting shaft 1 and a hollow shaft 5 matched by spline spline hob after heat treatment, machining, grinding, the key side of the bottom of the key; 1 connecting shaft and the hollow shaft 5 through axial pos,Ruston Rk270 Mk1 Pistonioning fastening components w,Ruston Rk270 Mk1 Pistonhin the six hexagon bolt 2, elastic washers 3 and 4 to achieve the.

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