Yanmar N18 Piston, HS Code: 4101201110

Yanmar N18 Piston
Model NO.: N18
Material: Cast Iron
HS Code: 4101201110
Certification: ISO 9001
Usage: Diesel Engine
Transport Package: Standard Package
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In the straw machine before operation, first to detect the operation of land, the main purpose is to clear the obstacle detection machine straw detection is mainly to check the ground, soil and crops, understand the geological condYanmar N18 Pistonions such as operation, inspection work is suYanmar N18 Pistonable for straw returning machine, if the land the road is not flat, or obstacles, first of all to clear the road obstacles, the fields of furrow formation, which can protect the universal joint, so as not to be lying flat land damage. When the straw returning machine is working, if there are big stones in the field, Yanmar N18 Piston must be cleaned up or marked in order to prevent the straw returning machine from being damaged.

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